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Can a bumper sticker change your life?

cali4nia club is a new art group. Not all members live or work in the California free state, but all members do embody the California free state of mind. Currently our membership includes Martine Syms, Jason Sturgill, JJ Stratford, Dane Overton, Eric Mast, Alex Mahan, Kyle Mabson, Jenny Lee, Taís Koshino, Dain M. Blodorn Kim, Rob Kieswetter, Claire L. Evans, Tom Carroll, Rebecca Carlisle-Healy, Zöe Burnett, and Jona Bechtolt. If you’d like to join cali4nia club, first inquire within (that’s how we do it here) and then inquire with us.

Our first group show is centered on a California delicacy: the bumper sticker. Bumper stickers were invented after the boom in adhesive and vinyl manufacturing during World War II, and were first used to promote physical prime locations. SEE ROCK CITY, demanded an early sticker in Georgia; visitors to the “rock city” natural attraction had their bumpers stuck upon entry. Since automobiles have become commonplace, voluntarily decorating their backsides has been a matter of individual taste, humor, and even...politics.

In the future our wallets (which will hopefully be renamed “handbags,” “pouches,” or perhaps even “glove compartments”) will hold our digital prime personalities, including both our most virtuous signals and our most hilarious jokes.

Human beings are historically terrible at speculating what cultural shapes will form out of new materials. NFTs are most likely not what they appear to be in this moment. We imagine you’ll be able to slap one of these stickers on anything in any game you play on your visi-lens+ system, wear it on your 3moji on ZoomRoom calls, AND have it assembled out of slime mold. But since we can’t actually predict what this will look like as this format shakes itself out, we may as well decorate our current reality tunnels with as many poems and honks as possible.


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Los Angeles, CA
April 2021

These quite possibly could!

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